BHP Billiton IO (Pilbara, Western Australia

Plant Type Iron Ore OPF
Wear Plate Material CCO Clad Plate & Fabricated Duablock
Wear Plate Area (m²) 20
Davies Product EzyLock Bolts + SafeFit
Installation Date Oct-14

Safety Proposition – Safefit™ Liner handling system enabled safe handling of liners into the very tight confined space.

Value Proposition – Davies wear side only EzyLock™ system chosen as preferred attachment system for this Application.

  • Existing studded liners were failing due to stud shearing and liners were being lost.
  • The Ezylock™ liner attachment system, enabled liner attachment from inside the training plate only.
  • The Ezylock™ attachment enabled use of a much lower bolt intensity than conventional studded systems, which further reduced overall installation time.
  • Optimisation of the wear materials utilised for this application has allowed for maintenance to be aligned with scheduled shut programs.
Davies Savies™ per Wear Plate Change-Out
Application 15 training plates supplied - others identified for conversion to Ezylock.
Labour Saving 30 hours (per training plate)
Downtime Saving 450 hours (across all applications)