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Rio Tinto Iron Ore

Plant Type Train Load Out
Wear Plate Material Bisalloy 600
Wear Plate Area (m²)
Davies Product 188 EzyLock™ Bolts
Installation Date Nov-13

Safety Proposition – Elimination of hot work and reduction of other high risk tasks such as scaffolding & working at heights.

Value Proposition – Due to the design of the chute there are areas where the external nuts securing the liners in place are unable to be accessed in situ. To change these liners would require the chute be dismantled, which would take three (3) days, in addition to the time to change the liners.

This results in the liners in these areas never being changed while the chute is in service; causing unplanned shuts due to the chute blowing out and resulting in major production losses. Placing the Davies EzyLock™ liners in these areas enabled the maintenance teams to quickly and easily change the liners during the regular planned shuts greatly reducing the chance of an unplanned stoppage.

Davies Savies™ per Wear Plate Change-Out
Application TLO Loading Chute
Labour Saving 876 man hours
Downtime Saving 3 Days