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Davies Taper-T Installation and Removal

The video below provides an overview of the installation and removal procedure for the Davies Taper-T attachments. Please contact us if you require more comprehensive installation instructions.

What Wear Liner materials can Davies Wear Plate Systems supply?

Davies Wear Plate Systems enables wear side only attachment for all metallic wear liner materials including Quench & Tempered plate, cladplate and cast liner materials.

Davies also works with a number of liner material manufacturers and can supply your preferred specific brand material.

If you are looking for an improvement in wear life we can also review your current operations and offer the most cost effective system to reduce labour costs and downtime while maximising wear life.

Can I just buy Davies bolts?

Our preferred business model is to work with our customers to deliver a Davies Wear Plate system (fasteners, processed liners and SafeFit™) that offers safer wear side only change out with improved wear life and reduced downtime.

A key part of the Davies system is the proprietary tapered hole in the liner which works in tandem with Davies fasteners to enable flush faced wear side only attachment. The profile of this hole and the associated quality control enables the Davies SafeFit™ lifting and clamping systems to be used without the need for additional lifting lugs.

We do however understand that the all‐inclusive supply model may not suit all of our customers supply chain needs and as such we can discuss different options for supply of our products on a case by case business. Please contact us to discuss how we can offer a solution to you.